Contemporary dance performance “Blue Blue” (?) is a collaborative piece by five artists, that met nearly accidentally (albeit, to tell the truth, their meeting was orchestrated by the curators Paulius Prievelis and Birutė Bagdonienė). Rather than a result of intended planning, it is a work resulting from a freeflow improvisation, based on sharing visual, movemental and sonor impulses.

Human and nonhuman bodies alike perform a continuous nonverbal polylogue, which establishes itself both on stage and beyond it, in the gap between the stage and non-scenic reality. This piece of visual jouissance, which might be read as a commentary to the context of isolation and distancing, can also be thought of as a multilayered inquiry into the new reality. How free are we to create a relation/ship, to trust that which is beyond the mask and screen?

On the other hand, one can also read this work in a much more simple manner, as a narrative of movements, sounds and colours, instead of burdening the day with existential pains.

Artists dive into the research of sustainability which is being incorporated into the narrative of the dance performance. The dance performance questions the boundaries and distance, the ways we approach other being and/or nature.

Choreography, dance, performance, music performance, physical theatre, happening – all these disciplines become a part of the creative process and creative tools for future performance. 

The musical instruments that are being used for the performance are fully recycled by one of the creators Simonas Nekrošius who is a creator of interdisciplinary art, actively involved in the field of contemporary art, experimental music, and sound art. His creative feature is characterized by the principles of ‘DIY’ and ‘Ready-made’ activities, with a strong focus on processivity, sustainability, and improvisation. 

The piece has a particular focus on disaster, climate change, food security, affect, and care. Artists aim for the artistic pursuit to enrich the work in an interdisciplinary manner. The research in anthropology translates into the sound of the performance fostering the movement to become a reflection and counterpoint communication with the audience.


Creators: Airida Gudaite, Laurynas Zakevicius, Ieva Lapelyte, Daina Dieva, Simonas Nekrosius.

Choreography, dance: Airida Gudaite, Laurynas Zakevicius, Ieva Lapelyte.

Music, performance: Simonas Nekrosius, Daina Dieva.

Dramaturgy: Kristina Steiblyte

Light design: Povilas Laurinaitis

Sound: Julius Janukaitis

Duration: 30-40’

Co-production: Low Air Vilnius city dance theatre, International contemporary art festival “Startas”.


„Observing <…> turned on the same feeling – as if in a modern circus – and this resemblance is the strong point of this performance. It combines modern dance, the theater of objects (the life of tennis balls on a wire table), flirting with spectators and an open laboratory for the creation of sound.”

Dovilė Zavedskaitė, Menų faktūra, 2022 02 05



International Festival of Contemporary Art "Startas" (Presentation of the Residence), Rokiškis, 2020
International Contemporary Dance Festival "Footprints", Anykščiai, 2022