Contemporary dance performance “Blue Blue”  is a collaborative piece by five artists, that met nearly accidentally (albeit, to tell the truth, their meeting was orchestrated by the curators Paulius Prievelis and Birutė Bagdonienė). Rather than a result of intended planning, it is a work resulting from a freeflow improvisation, based on sharing visual, movemental and sonor impulses.

Human and nonhuman bodies alike perform a continuous nonverbal polylogue, which establishes itself both on stage and beyond it, in the gap between the stage and non-scenic reality. This piece of visual jouissance, which might be read as a commentary to the context of isolation and distancing, can also be thought of as a multilayered inquiry into the new reality. How free are we to create arelation/ship, to trust that which is beyond the mask and screen?

On the other hand, one can also read this work in a much more simple manner, as a narrative of movements, sounds and colours, instead of burdening the day with existential pains.


Creators: Airida Gudaite, Laurynas Zakevicius, Ieva Lapelyte, Daina Dieva, Simonas Nekrosius.

Choreography, dance: Airida Gudaite, Laurynas Zakevicius, Ieva Lapelyte.

Music, performance: Simonas Nekrosius, Daina Dieva.

Light design: Povilas Laurinaitis

Co-production: Low Air Vilnius city dance theatre, International contemporary art festival “Startas”.