Dance is primarily about a person’s relationship with himself/herself through one’s relationship with others and the environment. This relationship is our mirror, but the mirror often becomes quite distorted due to the entanglements of our identity. So, firstly, it should be straightened: looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands exposes us in front of each other and gives us an opportunity to look at ourselves/others as they really are and not how we would like/ do not want them to be.

By exploring the movements and flow of breakdance, juxtaposing them with Lithuanian folk dance, the creators raise philosophical questions in the narratives of a male identity. In a duet, as if in a dialogue with another, but essentially with oneself, it is tried to explore a look of oneself in today’s hustle and bustle of norms, opinions and stereotypes. About our internal processes and going in circles.


Creators: Airida Gudaitė, Laurynas Žakevičius, Rokas Šaltenis

Dancers: Rokas Šaltenis, Laurynas Žakevičius

Composers: Agnés M & Marta Filnkelštein


International Street Art Festival SPOT (excerpt from the performance), Vilnius, Lithuania, 2023
Tauragė – Lithuanian Capital of Culture’23 (excerpt from the performance), Tauragė, Lithuania, 2023
International Dance Festival PALMA DANSA (excerpt from the performance), Mallorca, Spain, 2023