GROW AIR – 7th season | Open classes & Birthday!

Grow Air – Opening Future, Creating Experience

Let’s celebrate our birthday and get ready to grow up together!

Low Air Dance School starts the seventh season of dance classes on September 7th and invites children, teens and adults to learn to dance. Professional teachers, groups of all ages, progress and dance styles, spacious dance halls, friendly atmosphere, great active time and new friends dedicated to the common interest. We invite you to get to know us better!

Open, Free, Introductory Classes

September 3rd (Thursday):
– 15.00-15.45 breaking (beginners, kids) / Viktoras
– 16.00-16.45 hip-hop (intermediate, kids) / Brigida
– 17.00-17.45 urban choreo (mixed level, teens) / Brigida
– 17.00-17.45 hip-hop (intermediate, teens) / Airida
– 18.00-18.45 house (intermediate, teens and adults) / Marius
– 19.00-19.45 jazz (intermediate, adults) / Airida
– 19.00-19.45 house (mixed level, adults) / Laurynas

September 4th (Friday):
– 15.00-15.45 hip-hop (intermediate, kids) / Marius
– 15.00-15.45 breaking (mixed level, kids and teens) / Laurynas
– 15.45-16.30 hip-hop (beginners, kids) / Brigida & Greta
– 16.30-17.15 waacking (mixed level, teens) / Brigida
– 16.30-17.15 contemporary (beginners, kids) / Valerija
– 17.15-18.00 contemporary (mixed level, teens) / Valerija
– 18.00-18.45 contemporary (intermediate, teens and adults) / Ema
– 18.00-18.45 jazz (beginners, teens and adults) / Austėja
– 18.45-19.30 blues (mixed level, adults) / Austėja
– 19.30-20.15 contemporary (mixed level, adults) / Juozas

NB: 30 min class is non-continuous, introductory, questions and answers right after each class.

Find out, communicate, ask, try!

Pre-REGISTRATION required:

    15.00-15.45 breaking (beginners, kids) / Viktoras16.00-16.45 hip-hop (intermediate, kids) / Brigida17.00-17.45 urban choreo (mixed level, teens) / Brigida17.00-17.45 hip-hop (intermediate, teens) / Airida18.00-18.45 house (intermediate, teens and adults) / Marius19.00-19.45 jazz (intermediate, adults) / Airida19.00-19.45 house (mixed level, adults) / Laurynas / Laurynas

    15.00-15.45 hip-hop (intermediate, kids) / Marius15.00-15.45 breaking (mixed level, kids and teens) / Laurynas15.45-16.30 hip-hop (beginners, kids) / Brigida & Greta16.30-17.15 waacking (mixed level, teens) / Brigida16.30-17.15 contemporary (beginners, kids) / Valerija17.15-18.00 contemporary (mixed level, teens) / Valerija18.00-18.45 jazz (beginners, teens and adults) / Austėja18.00-18.45 contemporary (intermediate, teens and adults) / Ema18.45-19.30 blues (mixed level, adults) / Austėja19.30-20.15 contemporary (mixed level, adults) / Juozas / Juozas


    After intense two-day open door classes, we will celebrate Low Air’s birthday on September 5th at Arts Printing House!


    – 17.00 ALL STYLES BATTLE 1vs1 at Arts Printing House. Max 16 participants, REGISTRATION is required (see the form below)
    – 18.00 Presentation of Low Air Dance School and the seventh dance season, teachers’ performances at Arts Printing House
    – Birthday surprise and CAKE

    Why dance and celebrate Low Air dance school birthday together?

    1. YOU WILL MEET NEW FRIENDS. Each new year offers to enter a new circle of friends. Gives you the opportunity to get to know you and find out about you. Celebrate life, talk and just be in the moment.
    2. YOU WILL FULFILL YOUR DREAM. Each new year can provide an opportunity to enroll in a new course, set a new course of action, activity, goal, or other way to GROW yourself.
    3. BIRTHDAY CREATES MEMORIES. Bringing old and new friends together is special because we have the opportunity to look back and forward together.

    Registration of new and existing members to our dance lessons:

    All-Styles Battle 1vs1 REGISTRATION:

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