//series: Opening Future #1

What does it mean to (self-) curate in the hybrid field of (performing) arts? 

How do we talk and write about our artistic practices, when we aim to present them to curators, organizers of competitions as well as events? What do organizers of residencies, festivals and projects expect when launching open calls, writing concepts and guidelines of their activities? What is curating in the context of hybrid creative practices which defy the genre? How do we and can we curate ourselves? What does it mean to bring a piece of work out to public spaces?

These and other questions are only several among those that  Daina Pupkevičiūtė, Andrew Gryf Paterson and Mauricia Barreira Neves are going to discuss when reflecting the hybrid nature of their personal practices in curating, artistic work, production and elsewhere. The discussion as well as the project series will be introduced by Laurynas Žakevičius.

The discussion is open to participants from the field of performing arts as well as other creative sectors: artists, curators, arts managers etc. 

*** The event will be broadcasted live on @LowAirDanceTheatre Facebook account. Registered participants will have the opportunity to reflect and ask questions.


Andrew Gryf Paterson is an ‘artist-organiser’, cultural producer, educator and independent researcher. He specialises exploring connections between art, digital culture, science, cultural activism related to the commons, DIY-Do-It-With-Others, ecological and sustainability movements, along with cultural heritage and collaborative networks. In June 2021 he will co-direct Pixelache Helsinki 2021 Festival that will take place in Central Library Oodi. Read more: https://agryfp.info

Mauricia Barreira Neves is works in the field of contemporary dance as a performer, choreographer as well as producer. Among her creative endeavours – dance pieces in which each piece, from costume to sound, is meticulously constructed by herself, as well as international interdisciplinary collaborations. Her work is both deeply poetic and political. Climate crisis, pollution, critique of the neoliberal, consumerist society, alienation and exclusion – all these and other themes repeatedly intertwine in the visual and movement narratives Mauricia constructs. More here: http://cargocollective.com/mauricianeves

Daina Pupkevičiūtė works on sound, is one of the founders of the international performance art festival CREATurE Live Art in Kaunas. At present she is curating MATTERS, platform for industrial culture (part of Kaunas2022) and at the same time is doing her research in the field of resilience and food security in the context of climate change. While balancing between art forms and anthropology, she is focusing on noise, grief, care, affects and emotional entanglements between humans, non-human beings and landscapes. 

Laurynas Žakevičius is a choreographer, dance and social educator, producer and one of the founders of Low Air Urban dance theatre / Vilnius city dance theatre. He deepens his creative and production interest in search of the development of creativity within interdisciplinary / cross-sectoral cooperation projects. The creator/producer whilst choosing the narratives for developing cultural projects analyzes them through the lens of social contexts in the communities. Curating and educating young dancers he fosters interdisciplinary/cross-sectoral/* creative point of view among the performing artists and the search for syntheses of cultural entrepreneurship opportunities. 


The pandemic situation has encouraged to look for as well as into novel perspectives for performing artists. This initiative aims at those already working in the field and those that are in need to build their professional capacity in creative entrepreneurship, mentoring, art management as well as site and community intervention.

Often artists think of creative entrepreneurship as business making”. However, this project invites to look at these workshops, meetings and discussions as a set of tools that are aimed at helping develop creative and entrepreneurial capacity. Among the aims of this project are those to ensure the continuity of professional activities, develop capacity to produce innovative products and services, expand the audience and ensure  sustainability of the ecosystem of performing arts. 

*** The event will be broadcasted live on @LowAirDanceTheatre Facebook account. Registered participants will have the opportunity to reflect and ask questions.

*** Opening Future – is a discussion/lectures/seminars/webinars cycle aiming toward a hybrid creative  entrepreneurship capacity building. 

Project presented by LUDA (Lithuanian urban dance association), educational program curated by LOW AIR Vilnius city dance theatre.

Activities supported by Lietuvos Kultūros Taryba