IN PROCESS: Transforman

“Transforman” is the street dance performance that analyses the concept of masculinity, its causes and consequences. This mono-performance depicts a man’s inner journey – from a stereotyped masculinity to self-understanding and acceptance. 

The protagonist of the piece, who is experiencing emotional difficulties, invites viewers to think what defines the difference between a boy and a man? How important is it to become a “man“? Is masculinity really a constant proof of one‘s worth? How to know if one is already “masculine” enough to start relationship with another person?

At the same time, this performance is the self-realization of the young artist, dancer Marius Eidrigevičius in his career, it is also a self-therapy during the creative process and an invitation for others to turn to themselves, their emotional and psychological state. 


Idea, choreography, performance: Marius Eidrigevičius

Curating choreographer: Laurynas Žakevičius

Composers: Adomas Strazdas, Marius Eidrigevičius

Light design: Edgaras Varkulevičius

Video: Dalius Kalinauskas

Photo: Dainius Putinas

Producer: Laurynas Žakevičius

Manager: Gabrielė Kundrotaitė