To look for the meaning of Low Air, one has to search somewhere between the constant paradox (as if the Air could ever be Low) and the ever-existing thirst for experiencing and under-standing reality (as if there is never enough of Air). The first reference point is forcing us to live through the discrepancies, question the norms and ways of thinking; the second one insists on always feeling the urge to create, it ignites the constant search for meaning and at the same time it is a reminder that we all are merely small pieces of the never-ending quest for creativity.


After presenting the first dance piece intended for the professional theatre stage - the urban dance performance “Feel-Link” in 2011, the duo felt the urge to continue the path of professional creation. Vilnius dance theatre Low Air is the first independent urban dance company in Lithuania which since 2012 has the official Theatre status according to the national laws. The creative team of the company – is well known Lithuanian dancers and choreographers who accelerates the new forms of expanded urban dances in the country – hip-hop, house, vogue, waacking and etc. Whilst experimenting and combining different dance styles and movement forms, choosing themes for the performances, curating and educating young dancers on stage, Low Air both develops and gathers a professional community around it, by building interdisciplinary bridges implements audience development strategies.

Stormed in a professional Lithuanian theatre stage with the performances, which combines contemporary and urban dance, expanding it with physical theatre, performance and live music – it established their name among art professionals and public. “Low Air” has been awarded or nominated for the highest Lithuanian theatre awards number of times. Three times, in 2013, 2017 and 2022, awarded with the Golden Stage Cross Award (the best Dance Performances of the Year), awarded the Boris Dauguvietis Earring for both the successful research and development of a new stage forms connecting urban dance and theatre and for the pedagogical work which changes a face of Lithuanian contemporary dance, the Prize of the Lithuanian Contemporary Dance Association, the National award honoured by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Having received the attention of foreign critics and professionals on tours Low Air dance company in 2017 received the title of Vilnius City Dance Theatre. This gave an even greater responsibility to make Vilnius and Lithuania famous in the world.

More than 40% of the theatre's performances are shown abroad. The company has represented Lithuanian dance culture at various international festivals and culture fairs such as Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Internationale “tanzmesse nrw”, Dance International Glasgow and etc. The work of the company has been presented at Tramway Centre (Glasgow, UK), the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre (Tel Aviv, Israel). The Company has toured in France, USA, Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, Iceland, Israel, UK (with the performance “Feel-Link”), United Kingdom, Greenland (with the performance “Home Trip”), Italy, Israel, Germany, China, Austria, Bulgaria, Ukraine (with the performances “Game Over”, “Feel-Link”, “The Rite of Spring” and “Rainbow”), Georgia (with the performances “Game Over” and “Feel-Link”), S. Korea (2021) (with the performances “Game Over”). PERFORMANCES



- Respect
- Liability
- Professionalism
- Creativity
- Sustainability


Increasing the number of people engaged in dance.

Improving knowledge of dance and its benefits to everyone's mind, body and soul.

Increasing recognition, appreciation and visibility of dance throughout Lithuania.


Supported by our belief that dance can inspire and foster a fairer and more humane life, Low Air will strengthen the power of dance to inform, educate and inspire a society where endless creativity lies.


Raise awareness of Lithuanian expanded urban dance through the creation and empowerment of cultural communities, producing dance performances, providing learning opportunities in a positive and safe environment and various social programs accessible to everyone, regardless of their race, nationality, identity or other beliefs.


Actively promote the art of dance, producing professional dance performance, offering professional dance education programs, organising highly recognised cultural events, impacting social changes through the art raising Lithuanian cultural awareness nationally and internationally, regardless of the race, nationality, identity or other beliefs. EDUCATION


One of the main priorities of the organisation is to support the potential of dance artists and creators in the field, their employment and employment opportunities by curating and managing whilst introducing themselves to a wide audience, thus ensuring the development of the audience. Address the physical and financial accessibility and quality of the cultural services, which contribute to the increase of cultural exclusion in the country and hinder citizens from gaining equal opportunities to live a rich cultural life. PROJECTS


Nominated for the Golden Stage Cross award (Best Debut of the Year, performance „Vyrsmas“, 2022)

Awarded with The Golden Stage Cross Award (Best Dance Piece of the Year for Youth and Children, performance „Me two / Savoj Krūvoj”, 2021)

Nominated for The Golden Stage Cross award (Best Soundtrack, performance „Me two / Savoj Krūvoj”, 2021)

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania Award for Young Creators, 2017

Awarded with Borisas Dauguvietis Earring for both the successful research and development of a new stage forms connecting urban dance and theatre and for the pedagogical work which changes a face of Lithuanian contemporary dance (2016)

Awarded with The Golden Stage Cross Award (Best Dance Piece of the Year, performance „Game Over”, 2016)

Nominated for The Golden Stage Cross award (Best Light Designer and Video artist, „The Rite of Spring”, 2016)

Nominated for the Golden Stage Cross award (Best Dancer of the Year: Low Air performances „Game Over”, „The Rite of Spring” and the Lithuanian National Drama Theater performance „Little Red Riding Hood”, 2016)

Awarded by Lithuanian contemporary dance association (Best Choreographic work, performance „Game Over”, 2016)

Awarded with Golden Stage Cross award (Best Choreography of the Year, performance „Home Trip”, 2013)

Special award by the International Festival of Modern Choreography panel of experts (Performance „Feel-Link“ Vitebsk, Belarus, 2012)

Nominated for the Golden Stage Cross award (Best Debut of the Year, performance „Feel-Link“, 2011)

Founders of Low Air

Through the consistent work and efforts of Airida Gudaitė and Laurynas Žakevičius, the founders of LOW AIR and one of the most successful performing arts organizations in Lithuania, urban dance is included in almost all artistic higher and professional education programs, thus filling a very important information and skills gap for future dance professionals.

Performers at Low Air dance company


Airida Gudaitė

All production

Laurynas Žakevičius

All production

Gediminas Rimeika

The Meet(ing)

Laura Budreckytė

The Meet(ing)

Vytis Nivinskas

The Meet(ing)

Žygimantas Bačkus

The Meet(ing)

Linas Ivanauskas

The Meet(ing)

Adas Gecevičius

Game Over

Agnietė Lisičkinaitė

The Rite of Spring

Sigita Juraškaitė

The Rite of Spring

Lukas Karvelis

The Rite of Spring

Marius Eidrigevičius

The Rite of Spring

Brigida Gruodytė

The Rite of Spring

Raidas Petrauskas

The Rite of Spring

Larisa Kalpokaitė

Home Trip

Jonas Braškys

Home Trip

Justas Butrimavičius

Home Trip

Teachers at Low Air dance school 2020/2021



Teacher Contemporary Ema Senkuvienė – jaunosios kartos šokėja, kūrėja ir mokytoja. Vaikystėje augusi ir tobulėjusi kaip dailiojo čiuožimo atstovė, vėliau atrado save […] More


Teacher Hip-Hop Greta Snitkutė – šokio mokytoja, atlikėja. Šokti pradėjusi prieš 10 metų Low Air šokio mokykloje, išbandė įvairius gatvės šokių stilius, […] More


Teacher Contemporary Juozas Veiverys – šiuolaikinio šokio mokytojas, šokio atlikėjas, studentas. 2018 m., būdamas dar moksleivis, pradėjo lankyti šokio užsiėmimus Kauno šokio […] More


Teacher Contemporary Ballet Contemporary Vaiva Paukštė – šokio mokytoja, pradedanti choreografė ir profesionali šokio atlikėja. Paauglystės metais įsitraukusi į urbanistinio šokio lauką, per kelis […] More


Teacher Contemporary Elmyra Ragimova – šiuolaikinio šokio mokytoja, profesionali šokio atlikėja. Nuo mažens šokusi mokyklos šokių kolektyve, šiuolaikinį šokį atrado vyresnėse klasėse, […] More


Teacher Hip-Hop Nikita Ustinov, kitaip – Mikita, šokėjas ir mokytojas, šokantis gatvės šokių stilius. Šokti pradėjęs dar 2008 metais, šiuo metu daugiausia […] More


Teacher Waacking Aura Šriubšaitė – šokio mokytoja, šokio atlikėja bei studentė. Savo šokio kelią prieš 10 metų pradėjo Low Air šokio mokykloje. […] More


Teacher Breaking Rokas Šaltenis, Lietuvos bei tarptautinėje breiko scenoje geriau žinomas kaip Rukus, pradėjo šokti 2000-aisiais metais. Nuo to laiko Rokui teko […] More

Low Air team behind the curtain


Laurynas Žakevičius

CEO, producer, choreographer

Airida Gudaitė

Artistic director, choreographer

Gabrielė Kundrotaitė

Manager, communication coordinator

Greta Snitkutė



VšĮ Urbanistinio Šokio Teatras „Low Air“
Company code: 302888894
IBAN: LT92 7044 0600 0793 4788
Bank name: AB Seb bankas
Phone.: +37068430191
director Laurynas Žakevičius

Address for correspondence:
Verkių g. 121A, LT-08405 Vilnius, Lietuva

Address of the Low Air dance school:
Gedimino av. 2A (III floor), LT-01103 Vilnius, Lietuva

Phones for inquiries:
- professional theatre productions, touring, projects, residencies, collaborations:
+37068430191 Laurynas Žakevičius (I-IV 9.00 - 20.00)

- dance education-related questions:
+37065667883 Greta Snitkutė, front desk at the dance school (I-IV 15.00 - 21.00)
+37065832925 Airida Gudaitė, artistic director, teacher (I-V 9.00 - 20.00)
+37068430191 Laurynas Žakevičius, director, teacher (I-IV 9.00 - 20.00)