me two / WE, THE CLIQUE

One of the most prominent Lithuanian female choreographers Airida Gudaitė guides a bonded group of young dancers to dig into the archives of and document their thoughts on issues such as power relations between adults and non-adults, LGBTQ+, sexualized behaviour and sexual abuse towards teens, gender roles, relationship between children and parents, relationship to one’s body and flaws, and accumulate movement vocabulary during the process. While searching for the right movement in given time and space dancers dive into the archives of their (body) memory and face intimate and often awkward experiences of young people what raise questions such as where the boundaries between the two are, why sensitive stories often remain silent or unheard, and more. 

Individual stories and attitudes towards issues mentioned above are intertwined with the collective experience what at least to some extent reveals the worldview of young people. Participating in performance is like entering a personal space of young people, where one is invited to be together and together means being free of prejudice, injustice and discrimination. The clique is a safe creative space to remember, to share, to forget, to grow. 

The performance highlights the different power positions of two generations – teenagers and adults. Thus, the audience is invited to revisit vibrant teen-hood through the lens of an adult, a parent, a teacher, a power holder, a decision-maker, and to consider the connection between boundaries and power in interpersonal and intergenerational relationships. 


Idea, choreographer: Airida Gudaitė

Dancers-creators: Greta Snitkutė, Arminas Kazanavičius, Rokas Bugys, Ugnė Laurinavičiūtė, Grėtė Vosyliūtė, Elena Milaknytė, Beatričė Šaltenytė, Emilija Giedraitytė, Barbora Mickutė, Aura Šriubšaitė, Saulė Bučiūnaitė, Smiltė Kavoliūnaitė

Director: Jonas Tertelis

Composer: Agnė Matulevičiūtė

Scenographer: Renata Valčik, Emilis Šeputis

Light designer: Julius Kuršys

Sound director: Ignas Juzokas

Website: Arnas Razgūnas

Producer: Laurynas Žakevičius

Manager: Gabrielė Kundrotaitė

Duration: 70’

Project partly supported by: Lithuanian council for culture, Vilnius city municipality, Urban dance theatre “Low Air”.


„It seems that this team managed to not only create a work but to live a life in which reality is only aside with it’s side effects and creation is the main target. Everything else is in the clique, with freedom to feel, freedom to speak and freedom to move.“

Dovilė Zavedskaitė,, 2021-12-02

„It is the connection (not the relationship, but the connection) with the parents that becomes the most painful and sensitive note in this story about the ending childhood and the beginning of adolescence. Whatever the parents, they are the ones needed the most, the ones who are most lacking, no matter how independent feel those who mature.”

Goda Dapšytė, 370 Nr. 106, 2021-09-24

„Me Two / We, the Clique ”perfectly conveyed a diverse portrait of Generation Z teenagers – not those who are thoughtless, lost in their phones, but those who have their own opinion and do not shy away from discussing social, political and ecological issues, are conscious and striving for change. This performance is a stay “in your own clique”, a community that understands and talks about close experiences and does not seek to moralize, but invites you to say “me too”..”

Aistė Šivytė, 7md, Nr. 27 (1392), 2021-09-10

„Basically, writing and discussing, especially criticizing a piece that is created for teenagers, about teenagers and with teenagers, can be either done by a completely heartless pragmatist or a thoughtless critic. It would be really pointless, and even unnecessary, to hurt or distract those who have begun to express their creative potential from the world of dance. The choice of both the theme and the idea – to talk to the teenagers their language and to their audience – is a considerable challenge, the result of which could be painfully disappointing and interesting only for the audience of the performers’ relatives. It could have been, but it didn’t.”

Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė, Menų faktūra, 2021 09 15

„There was a constant desire on the part of the creators to show that these (and perhaps all of today) young people are the same people as everyone, with their worries, joys and desire to be loved and accepted. The audible narratives and immediate movements (some of them illustrative, but consistent with the declarative expression of the performance) inspired viewers to remember personal experiences and actually feel like they were in their own clique.”

Aušra Kaminskaitė, Menų faktūra, 2021 09 01

„As usual in dance theatre, you just have to experience a lot of things in “Your Own Clique” without trying to name it, but there are also a lot of signs and semantic references that are interesting to think about, even after the performance. So I would boldly argue that this dance performance is a generous, diverse, and perhaps even transformative experience for some, a high bar profile for the young audience of the performing arts.”

Ramunė Balevičiūtė, Menų faktūra, 2021 09 09


Creative Process

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Lithuania (2021-2022)
France, Festival de Danse Cannes - Studiotrade Plateform, 2021
International Contemporary Dance Festival „Pėdos”, Anykščiai, 2021
International Contemporary Dance Festival „Aura”, Kaunas, 2021
Mental Health Arts Festival „Ryšiai”, Vilnius, 2021
International festival for children and youth „Kitoks”, Vilnius, 2022
Festival „Audra” (Part of the European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022 program), Kaunas, 2022
Germany, Westwind Festival, 2022


Awarded with The Golden Stage Cross Award (Best Dance Piece of the Year for teenagers, 2021)

Nominated for The Golden Stage Cross for the Best Performance Music of the Year, 2021