Fall semester / course - September 4th, 2023 - February 2nd, 2024 (5 months / 20 weeks [December 25th - January 5th - winter holidays).

Spring semester / course - February 5th, 2024 - June 14th, 2024 (5 months / 19 weeks).

LOW AIR Memberships

Duration of a class - 1 hour.



8,75€ / Class

2 times/week.

8 classes per month.



5,625€ / Class

4 times / week.

16 classes per month.





All classes.

*Participation in Low Air Young Company dance lessons (three weekly lessons (two 1 hour, one 2 hour)) requires a DANCER or PERFORMER monthly subscription.

*When participating in sLow Air or Jazz dance lessons (one weekly lesson, 4 lessons per month), the price of a monthly subscription is 35 euros. A STUDENT monthly subscription is required when choosing to attend both sLow Air and Jazz dance classes.

Everyone who chooses a STUDENT or DANCER membership gets additional discounts on workshops organized by Low Air School, 10% discount on Low Air gifts (excluding gift sets), 14 days holiday without having to pay for lessons.

If you have already paid the full amount for 1 or 2 semesters and cannot attend a class, you will not lose the class, you can use the class during the current semester by participating in any other class (for example, you can use the missed autumn class in any other group during the autumn semester). This provision applies to those paying for the entire 1 or 2 semesters at once.

* The contract is open-ended with a minimum of 5 or 10 months. (1 or 2 semesters) period. After signing an open-ended contract with a minimum of 10 months. period, an additional 10% discount from the total amount is applied.



12€ / Class

1 class.



11€ / Class

10 classes.

Valid for 2 months.

* A visit to any lesson where there are vacant spaces on the day of the visit.

As the teachers follow carefully designed Low Air dance curricula and plan their lessons with the students' continuing development in mind, we recommend attending the entire semester rather than attending individual class. If you don't know what style / lesson to choose, or if you want a more relaxed lesson schedule, you can, of course, try individual lessons as well.

Registration to the classes is binding and can be done through the schedule on Low Air webpage.

You can pay for the classes via bank transfer or at Low Air dance school. At Low Air dance school we accept cash only.


Individual lessons

Duration of a private class - 1 hour.



50€ / Class

Eligible for one or two persons.



40€ / Class

Eligible for one or two persons.

Sign up for a private lesson with Low Air teachers


Private classes for a group

Needs of a personal class for a group is discussed individually. For more information please contact us



  • 20% discount for brother or sister from the lump sum.
  • 30% discount off a monthly pay for 3 members of the the same family who dance within the same month (ex. mother, father, daughter). Fourth member of the same family and more dance free of charge (when 4 or more family members dance, the 30% discount from the total amount does not apply).
  • 20% discount for students.
  • After signing a contract with a minimum duration of 10 months. An additional discount of 10% of the total amount is applicable for the period.
  • Discounts can not be combined.

Subscription policy

A Low Air membership defines the type of class attendance you choose. Selected membership lessons are redeemed based on membership type.

* If you have choosen to pay for your membership on a monthly bassis, classes are reimbursed only in exceptional cases

* Class reimbursement procedure:

  1. Examples of exceptional cases are illness, injury or a preplanned trip abroad.
  2. You must provide written confirmation or proof of these circumstances at least two weeks before the trip.
  3. Failing to provide the written proof of the exceptions listed above the payment that was made for the classes is not refundable.

- The reimbursment is described as a possibility to join any class within a on-going month or recalculation of the payment for your choosen membership

- If you already have paid for the semester/course and are unable to attend you can compensate for the class by taking any other class during the on-going semester (for example an autumn class in the autumn semester). This policy is being considered for the costumers who have subscribed full semester or full year.

- Before starting to attend classes at the Low Air dance school, a contract is signed, on the basis of which all obligations and payments of both parties are organized.

- Once a contract is signed, payment can be made on a monthly basis or for the whole semester at once. Payments must be made in full during the first two sessions (no later than the 10th day of the current month).

- If there is a delay in paying the monthly fee, then each lesson is paid separately for that month (€12/lesson.), the monthly payment discount is not applied. This is understood as late payment interest. At the end of the current month, payment is made again based on the contract - for the entire month up to the 7th of the current month. days

- If you are not ready to pay the full amount when you arrive the first time, then you can pay for one lesson and the remaining amount the next time. You can pay the remaining amount in cash or by bank card at the school or by bank transfer. Enter your name and the name of the group for which you are paying in the payment destination field.

- If you start attending dance classes after the beginning of the semester, a contract is signed that is valid until the end of the second semester. This condition is applied to ensure a continuous educational process. The contract can be terminated without breaching it only by mutual agreement.

- If you got sick or left, but you plan to continue the lessons, please notify the administration ( and explain the situation so that we do not think that you have disappeared and do not give up your place in the group to another dancer. If you decide to stop attending classes and terminate the signed contract, please notify us no later than 30 days in advance. The terms of termination of the contract are specified in the contract.


- The lesson package with an open-ended contract, with a minimum period of 5 months, gives you 14 days of vacation, during which you will not have to pay for lessons. Each student is granted a 14-day vacation in 1 semester, about which the administration must be informed no later than 14 days in advance.