“WE ARE IMMORTAL – I know it sounds like a joke.” (Julio Cortázar)

Low Air Vilnius City Dance Theatre presents an innovative live dance installation which became a full dance film – “Game Over”.

The performance and a film revolving around the game perspective, inviting the audience to witness the collision of reality and dreams. The spectator feels as in a specific situation, considers the relationship with others and themselves. Subtle feelings interfere with fiction and magic while becoming an inevitable element of movement and view.

Cortázar’s magical realism has inspired artists’ imagination for a long time. His stories are exceptionally vivid, and they have become a map for our motion and choreography, along with the possible storyline for the dream and reality.

During the global pandemic and quarantine, the creative team have joined their forces for the innovative way to allow the audience see a new angle of the dance. Movie interpretation maintain the same line of the performance but gives a greater expansion to fantasize. The film takes the action into the mystical surroundings of the woods and gives even more space to the viewer’s imagination.

“Performing at night in the forest, we had to adapt to the changing weather conditions and uneven surfaces such as sand, moss, pine cones or broken branches, which required unexpected choreographic solutions. Such circumstances strongly encouraged creativity,” say Gudaitė and Žakevičius about the behind-the-scenes of the movie.

Vilnius dance theatre Low Air is the first independent urban dance company in Lithuania. The creative team of the company – is well known Lithuanian dancers and choreographers who accelerates the new forms of expanded urban dances in the country – hip-hop, house, vogue, waacking and etc. Whilst experimenting and combining different dance styles and movement forms, choosing themes for the performances, curating and educating young dancers on stage, Low Air both develops and gathers a professional community around it, by building interdisciplinary bridges implements audience development strategies. Well acknowledged and awarded dance company tours around the world and presents its artwork in various international and local culture festivals.



Idea: Airida Gudaitė, Laurynas Žakevičius, Lauryna Liepaitė
Director: Dalius Kalinauskas
Camera operator: Antanas Skridaila
Choreography and performance: Airida Gudaitė, Laurynas Žakevičius
Composer and performance: Adas Gecevičius
Costume design: Lauryna Liepaitė
Editors: Dalius Kalinauskas, Antanas Skridaila
Production: Vilniaus miesto šokio teatras Low Air
Performance created by: Lauryna Liepaitė, Airida Gudaitė, Laurynas Žakevičius, Adas Gecevičius, Povilas Laurinaitis

Duration: 35 min.
Premiere: 2020 m.


“Game Over” in the context of the whole Lithuanian program (festival New Baltic Dance) is special – it’s the only one that focuses absolutely on dance as a tool for speaking, perceiving and broadcasting. Dance doesn’t allow anyone else to speak and shakes the viewer’s body as electricity.

Dovilė Zavedskaitė, LRT.LT, 2020

I’ve seen the play probably six times, and I remember it pretty good. Still, filming in nature, not being afraid to respond to images in the dark, at dusk, acted in a completely different way for me.

Ugnė Kačkauskaitė,, 2020

“Low Air” are the ones who plays great. They are game professionals in their field. <…>the first impression “caresses the eye”.

Silvija Čižaitė-Rudokienė,, 2020

The moves are amazing, the dancers are great, wonderfully filmed, the strong montage that complemented the movement – it‘s really beautiful.

Greta Grinevičiūtė,, 2020

The dance film “Game Over” by Low Air is very close to the music video – it’s hard to understand what’s going on, but playing with lights, places, costumes and statics creates the impression of falling into the dark cellars of elite Berlin clubs. The darkness, bustling at the screen, gives the impression of hardness. Candy for the eyes, and it is not necessary to know the dance to enjoy.

Laura Šimkutė, LRT.LT, 2020