Frequently asked questions

Prepare for the first class

– We do advice to come 15-20 min. prior Your first class. The time will be spend meeting the administrator, introducing Yourself, getting acquainted with spaces of the dance school, going throughout registration process, proceeding the payment, getting the Low Air personal card, preparing for the class and with the smile making a step to a dance class.

– The personal Low Air member card will cost You less than a cup of coffee, 1 euro only. You will get the card with a month long subscription. Every time You come to the class we ask You to have it present to check in at the administrator’s desk. The card will bring more benefits for You, like discounts for the events organised by Low Air Dance School. The card without a permission of a school can not be transferred to another person.

– If You got sick but have a will to continue classes after You’ll get better, please inform us in order we do not thing You have got missing. If You have changed Your mind and do not plan to continue dance classes please let us know about the circumstances that have led You to that decision.

Dance outfit and footwear

– The changing rooms are separate for male and female. Clothes must not restrain Your freedom. The most important thing – comfort. If You look good and feel fresh You dance easy. Prepare extra clothes to change after the class because You will get warm – we guarantee. We do move a lot during the class, so leave your sweater in the changing room.

– We dance urban and waacking dance styles with comfortable footwear, jazz dance are danced with same comfortable shoes or jazz shoes. The most important thing is that You bring clean shoes which will help You fly. We do ask no to use the same shoes that are being used outdoors. Please note if Your shoes do not leave a black marks if so, please bring a different ones. If You need advice which shoes are the better, do not hesitate to as Your teacher who will recommend the good and the stylish ones. In contemporary and sLow Air classes we dance bare foot or with socks.